Meet the Incoming Winthrop Class of 2023

August 19, 2019


  • The most common female names are Sarah, Taylor and Hanna; the most common male name is William. 
  • Approximately 1,078 freshmen make up the newest class. 

ROCK HILL, SOUTH CAROLINA—The Carolinas are well-represented in Winthrop University’s incoming Class of 2023, and what an outstanding class it is! 

From bee-keepers to business owners, from valedictorians to varsity athletes, get to know a few of our new classmates: 

*Julius DeMunn (Sumter, South Carolina) and Pazzion Reaves (Dixiana) both achieved 12 years of perfect school attendance. 

*Christian Hall (Gaston) competed in the U.S. National Karate Championships in July. He also started a charity at age 16 and has raised more than $10,000 for veterans. 

*Kyreese Goodman (Columbia) began his own business, Goodman’s Sweet Treats Inc., to learn about creating a small successful business. 

*Preston Andrews (Chester) traveled to Australia in July to compete in the 16th Annual Down Under Golf Cup, where he represented South Carolina on Team USA. 

*Kelsie Wacaster (Fort Mill) is a national qualifier for Family, Community, and Career Leaders of America. 

*Elizabeth Kamenick (Charlotte, North Carolina) earned the Girl Scout Gold Award, the organization’s highest honor. Less than 6 percent of all Girl Scouts earn this annually. Jake King (Greenville) achieved the Eagle Scout Award from Scouts BSA, which only 4 percent of all scouts have achieved. 

Other fun class facts: 

*Ten students were their high schools’ valedictorians.
*Within the United States, Trevor Groshell traveled the farthest to attend Winthrop — 2,816 miles from Fall City, Washington.
*Outside of the United States, Ellie Ann Marks traveled 9,493 miles from Newport, Australia.

Most Common Boy Name: William
Most Common Girl Name: Sarah, Taylor and Hanna

For more information, contact Nicole Chisari, communications coordinator, at 803/323-2236 or

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