Cannibals, Harry Potter and Socrates, Oh My: Some of Winthrop's Craziest Fall Courses

August 26, 2016

From Bryan Ghent's JFK class

ROCK HILL, SOUTH CAROLINA - Winthrop University always receives top marks from higher education organizations for the quality of its classes and faculty.

Faculty members show off their creativity each semester with new, exciting and interesting courses that appeal to all students-from the deep thinkers to the outdoors lovers, from the bookworms to "foodies."

Here's a list of just a few of the interesting courses Winthrop offers this fall:

"How To Get Yourself Killed: Socrates and Jesus" (HONR 201)
Jesus and Socrates are arguably the two most famous martyrs in Western culture. This course examines how the son of God and the philosopher helped build civilization-and what compelled people to have them executed.

"The Beatles: A Music and Popular Culture Revolution"
(HONR 202)
You'd be hard-pressed to find more influential pop icons than The Beatles. This course studies the band's evolution, analyzes the music and lyrics, and examines the historical events of the time period.

"Cooks and Cannibals: An Introduction to Food in French and Francophone Literature"
(ENGL 308/FREN 360)
There's a reason why cooking is referred to as a culinary art. In this course, students will learn about the history and influence of French cuisine and think about consumption more generally. This includes discussion of how people prepare, eat and conceive of food, even touching on how women can be exploited or empowered through cooking.

"The Literary Merits of Harry Potter" (ENGL 200H)
Students study the current scholarship and academic attitudes toward the blockbuster Harry Potter series, viewing the series through the lens of class, gender, race and myth.

"The JFK Assassination: Information, Misinformation, and Disinformation"
(HONR 231)
Students in this course will travel to Dallas, Texas, the scene of the infamous crime, to learn more about the assassination's impact on world history. They will also sift through books, photographs and other resources to understand the multiple theories of the case.

"Dream in International Cinema" (HONR 232)
In this course, film is promoted more and more as a true art form, especially in its ability to express dream states and alternative realities.

"Special Topics — U.S. National Parks: History, Politics and Management" (ENVS 350)
Did you know our natural parks will celebrate their 100th anniversary this year? In this interdisciplinary course, students will study the national parks system throughout the years and the maintenance/management that goes into them.

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