Winthrop University: Institutional Effectiveness - Assessment Overview

Office of Assessment

The Office facilitates institution-wide development and implementation of high quality methods to assess student learning and development, and encourages the use of results for program planning and improvement. In order to accomplish this mission Office of Assessment personnel work collaboratively with faculty, staff, and administrators to:

  1. Establish and implement comprehensive assessment policies and plans conducive to institutional effectiveness;

  2. Support institutional assessment of general education;

  3. Plan, implement, conduct surveys of students, alumni, and faculty;

  4. Support and/or conduct special research projects related to assessment and to student learning and development;

  5. Assist in the planning and/or implementation of assessment activities by providing technical assistance, consultation and support services to university units;

  6. Prepare and disseminate internal and external reports of assessment findings;

  7. Collaborate with other universities, organizations, agencies, and individuals for the purpose of stimulating innovative assessment policies and practices;

  8. Foster scholarship of assessment through presentations and publications.


Last Updated: 5/31/22