Cyber Security Awareness Training

All Winthrop employees are required to take Cyber Security Awareness Training when they are initially hired and then again each October as long as they have an active account during Cyber Security Awareness Month. This training helps teach ways to keep accounts secure both at work and at home. A few topics include safe web browsing, how to choose a better password and how to identify social engineering scams.

There are several baseline training modules that all account holders must complete. A number of additional training modules may be required depending on the area in which the employee works. If an employee works with financial data, that employee will have additional modules related to financial cyber security. An employee may be assigned modules covering cyber security related to FERPA (for student data), HIPAA (for health data), or other areas.

    The training is hosted on the SANS Litmos training portal. You can either log on to Wingspan and click the link for the Cyber Security Training on the right in the Quick Links section. Or you can access it directly at this link:


    Use your Winthrop e-mail address and password to log on.