Travel Authorization Overview

Travel Authorization (TA) form (XLS - 56.5K) must be completed for all faculty and staff prior to their trip. Travel Authorizations are required for students and non-employees when items are to be prepaid, i.e. registration, lodging, etc.

All sections must be completed. The traveler must sign the TA as well as the individual approving the request. If a grant account number is used, the TA must go to the Grants office for a signature also. The original TA must be submitted to Accounts Payable in order to process reimbursements.

Any prepayments on the TA are deducted from the total approved amount. If the total approved amount less any prepaid items is $500.00 or greater, an encumbrance is set up on the account. If expenses exceed the remaining balance, a revised TA should be approved and forwarded to Accounts Payable.

Travel Authorizations are to be on file in Accounts Payable NOT LESS THAN SEVEN DAYS BEFORE TRAVEL IS TO BEGIN.