Educational Leadership Photo Gallery

Samantha Adams

Samantha Adams - Samantha Adams - "The time I spent at Winthrop in the Educational Leadership program has proved to be one of the most rewarding and invaluable experiences I have had the privilege to be a part of. The nature of the program is such that expectations are set clear and high! The professors create a risk free atmosphere where learning takes place that is directly applicable to your career as a prospective educational leader. They each truly want you to succeed, while being the best that you can be. Working my way through the program with a cohort of colleagues established a plethora of resources available to me! I developed friendships and collegial partnerships that have been a blessing to me since graduation!"

Jessica Blanchard

Jessica Blanchard - Jessica Blanchard- "I found the personal interest and practical application provided by the EDLD program at Winthrop to be extremely beneficial both as I completed my program of study and now as I utilize by degree. On numerous occasions weekly and sometimes daily I seek input and advice from those previous in my cohort and feel fortunate to have developed and extended these strong bonds at Winthrop. Additionally, I have found many of the "activities" and tasks that I completed during coursework and internships to be directly related to my job and often applicable with little to no alteration. I feel blessed to have been able to acquire the type of education and experience I received from the Educational Leadership department at Winthrop University."

Leona Bost

Leona Bost - Leona Bost- "I believe that student achievement, which entails social advancement, citizenship development, and the facilitation of developing divergent thinkers is a lofty goal. We cannot affect change by working individually. The ultimate goal that we all share is student achievement. As educators we must allow all stakeholders (students, teachers, parents, and the community) the time and resources to identify and develop their role in a way that allows for shared responsibility and leadership. The work that I have completed in Winthrop's Educational Leadership Program has taught me to be a medium for all of these stakeholders. I have learned how to help all to interact succinctly by coaching and providing professional development for all groups. As an academic facilitator I use the acquired tools from this program to share the responsibility and leadership development with all stakeholders to produce student achievement."

Brad Breedlove

Brad Breedlove - Brad Breedlove- "There are many aspects of Winthrop University School of Educational Leadership that are worth mentioning. First, the selection process for future leaders is very selective and as a member of a cohort, one is part of a great team. Each member of the cohort is engaged and truly values the great educational experience they receive from the program. The professors love what they do and it shows because they provide powerful lessons that are practical to everyday life as a school administrator. The program prepared me to become a successful principal and after four years in the position, I still use many of the resources provided to me during my years as a student in the program. In addition, once I completed the Educational Leadership Program, the University continues to make me feel as a part of their team and continues to build upon and enhance the professional relationship that was built several years ago. Yes, I would recommend Winthrop University's Educational Leadership Program to anyone who aspires to be a successful school leader."

Yvonne Cranford

Yvonne Cranford - Yvonne Cranford- "EDLD prepared me in more ways than I realized. I was prepared for real life situations. Conflicts with parents, legal rights, and irate teachers all were made easier thanks to this program. I have heard others complain in other programs they were not as prepared because they had what looked good on paper. I have been able to apply all that I have learned to my job and some. Thanks to EDLD for the skills I obtained."

Stephanie DiStasio

Stephanie DiStasio - Stephanie DiStasio- "The EDLD program at Winthrop provided me with the tools I needed to be successful as a school leader. The professors ensured that the course work was practical and research based, which meant I was fully prepared for my subsequent roles as a curriculum coordinator and assistant principal. The support I found in my cohort and from my professors has been beneficial to me in my career. They are a network of knowledgeable professionals on whom I can rely to help me whenever I face a challenging task or need an objective opinion. I know that when I apply for a principalship they will help me prepare for the interviews and continue to be a resource for years to come."

Connie Forrester

Connie Forrester - Connie Forrester- "The Educational Leadership program at Winthrop prepared me in many different ways for my current position as assistant principal. Each class in the program was carefully designed to meet the ELLC standards and contained a good mix of theory and practice. The combined experiences and expertise of Dr. Mitchell, Dr. Martin, and Dr. Etheridge made each class both practical and challenging. Another valuable component of the program was the internships. The internships provided an opportunity for me to explore topics in depth and then reflect on the learning. The Educational Leadership program helped me grow in my knowledge base and define myself as an educational leader. I can honestly say that I use all of the things I learned on a daily basis."

Linda Gray

Linda Gray - Linda Gray- "Winthrop's Educational Leadership Program was an opportunity to learn the necessary components that allowed me to step into an Assistant Principalship and feel confident as I worked side by side with my principal. We worked hard and watched the school advance from 54% student achievement, as measured on PACT, to 71% on PASS the first year, and then 94% student achievement on PASS this past year. Thank you to Dr. Mary Martin, Dr. Mark Mitchell, and Dr. Mark Dewalt for their direction throughout the courses and beyond."

Sonya McInnis

Sonya McInnis - Sonya McInnis- "My experience in the EDLD program was a life changing experience. Not only did a gain a new perspective on the importance of providing every child with a quality educator, but the knowledge and wisdom I received from the professors at Winthrop was one of the most positive experiences that I have ever had in my 21 years in education. Every professor that I encountered embodied the leadership qualities that we should see in every building principal. Their life experiences and expertise was more valuable than reading a textbook."

Susan Norwood

Susan Norwood - Susan Norwood- "Beyond all the meaningful reading, research, projects, and presentations, the Educational Leadership Program at Winthrop afforded me the opportunity to develop deeper relationships with a cohort of professionals that will forever inspire and support each other to do what's right for kids."

Paula Rao

Paula Rao - Paula Rao- "The Educational Leadership program at Winthrop was challenging, life-changing, and rewarding. As Assistant Principal at Shamrock Gardens Elementary School, I am very grateful to have been to well prepared by the outstanding faculty in the program. I made life-long friendships with the others in my program. I know I can call on them for anything and vice versa."

Martina Rush

Martina Rush - Martina Rush- "It's amazing the amount of preparation that I received as a result of completing my Ed Leadership Degree through Winthrop. The foundation for a successful school leadership career was given to me by the relevant and meaningful activities that were assigned to me. Every instructor prepared me to not only walk through doors, but showed me how to open doors for others to follow."

Kelli Seegars

Kelli Seegars - Kelli Seegars- "Through the rigorous, relevant academic requirements and experiences, our cohort developed into a genuine family built around trust, collaboration, and personal/professional experiences. The support I continue to receive from my cohort three years later is a constant reminder that I am never alone, regardless of what adventures this job throws at me. The experiences gained from each and every class assured me that I could succeed in my leadership role. There were no facets of the school leadership position left unturned…budget, discipline, difficult people, special needs, research, instruction, curriculum, technology, ethics, interview skills, etc. I left the program feeling confident, supported, and prepared to immediately begin my career in the field of educational leadership. I am thankful that the professors took our success personally. I appreciate their efforts to lead us to job opportunities they felt would fit our styles. The classes were excellent and the professors were extraordinary!"

Gabril Stackhouse

Gabril Stackhouse - Gabril Stackhouse- "The Educational Leadership program at Winthrop University is phenomenal. The professors care about your success as an aspiring leader and they take the time to get to know who you are as an individual. Through rigorous coursework and experience in the field, you will be the best of the best!!!!!!"

Beth Thompson

Beth Thompson - Beth Thompson- "The Ed Leadership program at Winthrop struck the perfect balance between supporting and coaching me through rigorous, challenging coursework and allowing me to work hard to meet the high expectations set before me. Upon completion of this program I am a more resilient person and am capable of serving as an instructional leader focused on student achievement."

Priscilla Willingham

Priscilla Willingham - Priscilla Willingham "The Graduate Program at Winthrop has challenged and prepared me to be the best instructional leader possible. I have learned to identify qualities of effective leaders, apply best practices, and have acquired a greater knowledge base of school law. My participation in this program has taught me to examine my goals for the future and work really hard to make these dreams a reality."