Digital Information Design

About Digital Information Design Minor

The minor in Digital Information Design is a multidisciplinary course of study designed in collaboration with CoursePower to provide a foundational understanding of Digital Information Design to every student, regardless of major. Every graduate in today's economy needs this basic understanding to be competitive in the digital world.


More money - Workers in technology and related fields earn 17-27% more than people in other industries. 

Job prospects - SC is on track to need 60,000 IT jobs in the next decade. 

Opportunity - Nearly every business operating today, regardless of industry or sector, needs people with technology skills. It is often the first thing they ask about. 

Shortage - There is a significant shortage of people with the technology skills needed. Demand is very high as a result.


Course list for the Minor in Digital Information Design

The minor in Digital Information Design consists of 19 semester hours:

  • DESF 161 (3) Introduction Computer Imaging
  • DIFD 141 (4) Intro to Web App Design
  • DIFD 311 (3) Digital Culture and Society
  • DIFD 321 (3) Info Systems & Organizations
  • DIFD 322 (3) Visual Design of Complex Systems
  • VCOM 262 (3) Introduction to Web Design

Students with majors that require DESF 161 and/or VCOM262 may also count these courses toward the minor (unless the student is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree).