How to Apply
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Vanessa Valdez, Program Director
213 Thurmond Building
Rock Hill, SC 29733, USA

How to Apply

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 The AMPD program accepts unto 20 students a year.                                                   

                    Perspective Students

Students must meet the following standards to be admitted into the program:

   1. Admission into Winthrop University 

   2. Major in business administration with a concentration in accounting

   3. History of active participation in academic and non-academic extra-curricular activities

   4. Specific GPA and testing or course requirements

      a. Freshman
          i. 3.0 HS GPA
          ii. Score at least a 500 on the MATH-SAT or 18 on  MATH-ACT  
      b. Current Winthrop students
          i. Completed at least one semester at Winthrop
          ii. 3.3 cumalitive GPA 
          iii. No lower than a B- in accounting
      c. Transfer students
          i. 3.5 cumalitive GPA or 3.3 cumalitive GPA with B average in all quantitative courses 
          iii. No lower than a B- in accounting


Applications are now being accepted. Once 20 students have been accepted into the program other qualified canidates are placed on a waiting list. 

To apply, click here.



Last Updated: 10/9/20