Women's and Gender Studies

The Minor

Winthrop University offers an interdisciplinary minor to undergraduate students interested in a focused study of women and gender issues. The minor in Women's and Gender Studies consists of 6 courses (18 credit hours) to include WMST 300 (Introduction to Women's Studies) and 5 additional courses (15 credit hours), at least 3 of which (9 credit hours) must be considered Core Courses in Women's and Gender Studies. Core courses are cross listed with their "host" disciplines (such as Political Science or English), and the Women's and Gender Studies program.

Students may enroll under either the disciplinary or Women's and Gender Studies designator. Students may also count up to 2 courses (6 credit hours) in selected non-core courses toward the minor. (See lists of Approved Core and Non-Core Courses in Women's and Gender  Studies). Students may also opt for an approved directed reading or independent study course or an internship in Women's Studies to count as a Core Course in the minor.