Peace, Justice, and Conflict Resolution


David ValtierraThe Father David Valtierra Peace Studies Scholarship was established in 2010 to honor and remember the contributions of Father David Valtierra,Winthrop University's Catholic campus minister and Oratory priest, who served on the Peace Studies committee since its founding in 2006. Father David taught peace studies classes, sponsored peace studies events, and supported the minor by setting an example of how to live a peaceful life. 

The Peace Studies committee will award one scholarship each spring semester to a deserving minor with a grade point average of at least a 3.0 who desires to work for peace, justice, and or conflict resolution in the local community or in the global context. Applications for the scholarship are located in the College of Arts and Sciences, 106 Kinard. We have had four scholarship recipients since 2011. The Father David Valtierra Peace Studies Scholarship was awarded for the first time in April, 2011 to Ms. Helen Layton, a Political Science major and Peace Studies minor from Lake Wylie, SC. 


Current Scholarship Winner
Helen Layton won the Father David Valtierra Scholarship the first year it was given in 2011.  Here she is photographed with Mary Valtierra, Father David's sister, and Dr. Ginger Williams.  





2014 Winner, Elliana BoucinoOur 2014 recipient is Ms. Ellaina Boucino. Ellaina Boucino is a Social Work major at Winthrop University planning to graduate in May of 2016.Seeking to help families in crisis, the Peace, Justice and Conflict Resolution minor appealed to Ellaina because it can be applied to every stage of life and every situation.





In 2015 the co-winners of the Father David Valtierra Peace Studies Scholarship were Janon Holmes and Clara Kress. 


Kress                                                  Lamb

The 2016 co-winners of the Father David Valtierra Peace Studies Scholarship were Clara Kress and Alyssa Lamb. Kress, an Individualized Studies major and Spanish and Peace Studies minors, stated, "I appreciate everything Winthrop has done for me to help me achieve my degree and pursue my majors and minors. I have enjoyed Peace Studies so far and I look forward to the classes that I will take next year for the minor." Lamb, a Integrated Marketing Communication major and Peace Studies minor, said: "I am so grateful for receiving this scholarship. It will help me pursue my goals to work in Washington, D.C. promoting peace and justice to the world. I have really enjoyed my experience with my Peace Studies education and I can't wait to continue it."