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Welcome to the Medieval Studies Minor!

Laura DufresneThe Medieval Studies Program is the go-to place for all things medieval happening at Winthrop University.   Not only do we have a medieval minor, but we promote and share speakers, festivals, fetes and performances from Beowulf to jousting and more.

Winthrop's Medieval Studies Program introduces you to other times and places, to cultures and arts which seem strangely familiar, though radically different.  Our program of Medieval Studies proposes explorations of diverse and bygone worlds that still feed our ideas and creativity today - as seen in literature, film, video games and current events.

We encourage students to combine their interests in the Middle Ages - European and Global - with a well-rounded academic background in the foundational courses that make up this interdisciplinary program. You'll be able to handle medieval manuscript pages and cuneiform tablets, delve into the origins of the Christian-Islamic conflict, look at the ways in which Oriental culture entered the West through trade and warfare, understand the religious origins of our current political and gender perceptions, and study art, music, literature, philosophy, and much, much more. And of course, you can indulge your love of costuming, food, performance, weaponry, recreation, and gaming through both classroom and social activities.

Many of our minors have participated in undergraduate research and presented their work at scholarly conferences, which has helped them with graduate school applications and scholarships as well. If you're interested in the Middle Ages - whatever your perception of them may be - then please join us!  If you have any questions about the minor, please feel free to contact me by e-mail (, or in one of my offices (102 McLaurin 102 or Bancroft 103), or talk to any of the other faculty members on the MDST committee.

Come join us!

Dr. Laura Rinaldi Dufresne
Director, Medieval Studies Program 
Professor, Art History