Minor in Legal Studies

Director's Message

Dear Visitors,

Welcome to the Legal Studies Program at Winthrop University!

Knowledge of our legal system is essential for citizens to function effectively in our democracy. There is a need in our society for more explicit education and awareness of legal institutions, actors, responsibilities, and rights. With that in mind, Winthrop University set out to form a curriculum to facilitate grappling with questions of law, justice, equality, and rights, as well as to provide a means to improve awareness of the dynamic workings of our legal system.

Aspects of our legal system influence every aspect of our lives. So adding a richer awareness of legal systems or issues relevant to your field of study will enhance your appreciation of your field and expand your professional preparations before graduating from Winthrop.

Our introductory course, LGST 300, may be taught by various faculty or professionals from related disciplines or walks of life. Beyond this core course, our many electives are taught from within the perspectives of other disciplines. Students may take courses in:

  • African-American studies
  • business administration 
  • digital information & design 
  • economics
  • history
  • management
  • mass communications
  • peace, justice & conflict resolution studies
  • philosophy
  • political science
  • religious studies
  • social work
  • sociology 

In this way, the Legal Studies program invites you to develop the minor in ways that correspond to your unique life-plan. It is the content of each person's mix of courses that gives the curriculum meaning.

Thank you for visiting our web page.  I hope you will consider taking a course in Legal Studies.

If you have questions, you can get in touch with me at meelerd@winthrop.edu
Kinard 325 (Philosophy & Religious Studies) 803/323-2338
Bancroft 104 (Interdisciplinary Studies) 803/323-3018

Dr. David Meeler
Director, Legal Studies