International Studies

Comparative Focus 

ANTH 201: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 203: Introduction to Language and Culture

ANTH 301: Cross-Cultural Perspectives of Human Experience (pre-req: ANTH 201 or instructor's permission)

ANTH 326: Native Peoples and the Environment (pre-req ANTH 201)

ARTH 480-485: Special Topics in Art History and in Non-Western Art (when appropriate)

ANTH 540/BIOL 540: Special Topics: Human Ecology

DANA 258: World Dance Forms

DANT 385: Dance History I (pre-req CRTW 201)

DANT 386: Dance History II (pre-req CRTW 201)

ECON 521: International Trade and Investment (pre-req: ECON 215)

EDUC 315: Comparative Education

ENGL 208: Foundations of World Literature (pre-req: WRIT 101)

ENGL 308: World Literature After 1700 (pre-req: WRIT 101)

ENGL 502: Studies in Non-Western Literature (pre-req: HMXP 102 and a previous ENGL course)

FINC 514: International Financial Management (pre-req: C- or better in FINC 311)

GEOG 201: Geography of World Regions

GEOG 302: Economic Geography (pre-req: GEOG 101, 201, or instructor's permission)

HIST 352: U.S.-Latin American Relations

INAS 425: Seminar in International Area Studies when approved as relevant to Comparative International Studies

MCOM 302: International Communication (pre-req: junior standing, 2.00 GPA, or written permission of dept chair)

MGMT 529: International Management (pre-req: MGMT 321)

MKTG 581: Marketing for Global Competitiveness (pre-req: MKTG 380)

NUTR 370: Food and Nutrition in Cultural Perspective (pre-req: NUTR 221)

PLSC 205: International Politics

PLSC 207: Comparative Politics

PLSC 260: Model United Nations

PLSC 261: Model United Nations Symposium (1 credit hour) (pre-req: PLSC 260 with grade of C or better or instructor's permission)

PLSC 325: Environmental Politics

PLSC 337/WMST 337: Women and Global Politics (pre-req WMST 300 or PLSC 205 or PLSC 207 or instructor's permission)

PLSC 362: Collegiate Model United Nations (1 credit hour, may be taken twice for credit) (pre-req: PLSC 260)

PLSC 506: International Political Economy (pre-req PLSC 205 or 207 or graduate status or instructor's permission)

RELG 300: World Religions

SOCL 301: Comparative Study of Social Institutions (pre-req: SOCL 101 or 201 or instructor's permission)

THRT 210: Script Analysis

THRT 312: Dress and Décor (pre-req CRTW 201)

THRT 385: Theatre History and Literature I (pre-req CRTW 201)

THRT 386: Theatre History and Literature II (Pre-req CRTW 201)