Individualized Studies

The Major

A BA in Individualized Studies will broaden your intellectual horizons while giving you a chance to gain experience in your future work area through internships and other work experience. We make it possible for you to combine courses from the fields of business, visual arts, social sciences, foreign languages, or any other academic curriculum offered at Winthrop.

To be admitted as a major, you must submit a program application, including Statement of Purpose and Plan of Study. The Statement of Purpose describes your academic and career goals and explains why a traditional major or double major does not fit these goals. The Statement of Purpose and Plan of Study must be approved by the Individualized Studies Coordinating Committee. Your first 30 credit hours at school must be completed with a GPA of 2.75 (or 2.5 at the discretion of the Program Director).

  • You will work closely with your Faculty Advisory Committee to design your own undergraduate Plan of Study. The Advisors will help you construct an academic plan that has depth and breadth and invites you to think critically and make connections between different academic areas.
  • You will have the opportunity to select courses from among all Winthrop schools, colleges and programs.
  • You will explore multiple opportunities for learning outside the traditional classroom, such as internships, independent studies, and study abroad. These will allow you to develop practical knowledge in your areas of interest and to link these interests to the wider world.

The Major must meet all University and College of Arts and Sciences requirements of at least 120 credit hours, including completion of all General Education requirements, a foreign language at or above the 102 level, and a minor. The Major requires at least 36 credit hours, of which 30 are met in coursework related to a theme that supports the student's educational and career goals; these must include a research methods course, an international content course, and at least 18 credit hours above 299. An Individualized Studies Project and a Capstone Project complete the requirement of 36 required credits of courses in Major.

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