Individualized Studies

Coordinating Committee

The Individualized Studies Coordinating Committee will be comprised of the Program Director of Individualized Studies, 3 faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences, and 1 faculty from each of the other degree-granting colleges of Winthrop University for a total of seven members.

The Individualized Studies Coordinating Committee acts as a "Review Board" when it comes to approving the applicant's Statement of Purpose and Plan of Study. The Committee meets once each Fall and Spring semester.

Dr. Clara Paulino - Director and Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies
Dr. Carol Marchel - Professor, Curriculum and Pedagogy
Dr. Marguerite Doman - Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Dr. Jeff Sinn - Associate Professor, Psychology
Dr. Kathryn Kohl - Assistant Professor, Biology
Dr. Tracy Patterson - Assistant Professor, Jazz Studies 
Dr. Virginia Williams - Associate Professor, History