African American Studies

The Minor

The minor in African American Studies is an interdisciplinary program that provides the student with an intellectual basis for understanding the black experience. Begun in 1992, the minor has attracted students from various academic majors.

Benefits of the Program

  • Learn the diversity and range of thought for Africa, Africans in the Americas, and other cultures of the Diaspora.
  • Experience the range of artistic expression for African Americans.
  • Organize special university-wide learning opportunities through the Colloquium series.
  • Engage contemporary scholars in dialogue about important race related issues in both the liberal and fine arts.
  • Gain an understanding of the economic, psychological, and social situations of blacks past and present.
  • Enhance a students' portfolio with background training in diversity.

Is the AAMS Minor for Me?

African American Studies is a minor that serves as an appropriate course of study for various majors including History, English, Political Science, Art History, Business, Sociology, or Education. Students in these majors benefit from a comprehensive study and understanding of a diverse world population.

Additionally, students interested in careers in social work, government, or activism would receive the same benefit. Students interested in topics such as Africa and the Diaspora, race relations, the effects of social institutions on people of color, and the creative productions of African and African-descended people should consider the AAMS minor.