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Folding@Home (F@H) is a distributed computer project where single computers can help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. This project uses a computer to help with molecular protein folding computer simulations. By installing the F@H software, a computer will receive a Work Unit. That computer will process that Work Unit while the system is idle and return the results for further analysis to the scientists. In this way, research labs are able to expand the number of computers that can run simulations and thus potentially reduce the time to obtain needed results. For an in-depth look at how this works, please browse to

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our students are receiving their instruction remotely. Our campus computer labs are currently idle. In order to assist with the research related to COVID-19, Winthrop is running F@H simulations on these machines. Our IT and Information Security personnel have been working to safely to convert the labs over to this purpose to assist with this potentially life-saving work.

You can watch the progress of the Winthrop Team here:

You can join the Winthrop team and together we can fight this disease.

Click this link for instructions on installing the F@H client and joining the Winthrop team: Folding at Home Guide