Friday, August 4, 2023 | 9:00 a.m.
The Stone House | Winthrop University | Rock Hill, South Carolina

Committee Members Present: Mr. Glenn McCall (Chair), Ms. Kathy Bigham (Vice Chair), Mr. John Brazell, Mr. Ed Driggers, Mr. Joel Hamilton, Dr. Randy Imler, Mr. Rick Lee, Mr. Robbie Sisco, Ms. Janet Smalley, Ms. Sandra Stroman, Mr. Isaiah Venning, Mr. Gary Williams

Committee Members Absent: Dr. David McDonald, Mr. Tim Sease, Dr. Ashlye Wilkerson

Others Present: C. Todd Hagins (Secretary to the Board and General Counsel)

FOIA Compliance Notice
Pursuant to state law, Winthrop University published a notice to the public on its website providing the meeting notice on July 1, 2023, and posted the agenda affixed outside the Office of the President and Board of Trustees in Tillman Hall on August 2, 2023. On the day of the meeting, the Secretary to the Board caused to be affixed to the door of the meeting location the agenda for the Board and all associated committees.

Call to Order
A quorum being present Mr. McCall called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.

Chairman Remarks
After an invocation, Mr. McCall thanked all trustees who attended the prior evening’s dinner honoring former trustees and former Secretary of the Board. Mr. McCall provided an overview of the purposes of the meeting to include discussion of two new ad hoc committees, Committee on Economic Development and Community Partnerships to be C\chaired by Mr. Lee and the Committee on Governance to be chaired by Mr. Sisco.

Mr. McCall discussed challenges that lay ahead for Winthrop including a continued focus on enrollment and retention of students. Mr. McCall noted this would help stabilize the University’s financial resources.

Presentation by Mr. Lee
Mr. Lee presented to the Board an overview of the Committee on Economic Development and Community Partnerships. Mr. Lee noted the Committee would involve Mr. Hamilton
and Mr. Williams. Mr. Lee said the three were long-standing members of the community and wanted to see greater cooperation with Winthrop and the local and regional communities.
Mr. Lee informed the Board that he was currently working on several internship programs for Winthrop students centered upon the Savannah River Site. Mr. Lee provided an overview of the internships and unique opportunities for students. Mr. Lee gave Trustees an overview of similar successful programs he helped to spearhead while serving on the South Carolina State University Board of Trustees.
Mr. Lee provided additional information about other events that would take place at Winthrop in hopes of ensuring leading businesspeople and others visited the Winthrop campus and how best to utilize Winthrop’s resources in the effort.
The Board discussed the current structure of student internship programs and how it involves both a office reporting to the Vice President of Student Affairs, but also how student internships were driven by academic departments as well as individual professors.

Presentation by Mr. Sisco
Mr. Sisco presented to the Board an overview of the Committee on Governance. Mr. Sisco noted Chairman McCall appointed him to serve as chair with Mr. Brazell and Mr. Vinning as members. Mr. Sisco said the three had met to discuss items important for the Board, such as setting dates for the President’s annual review.
Mr. Sisco informed the Board that a Governance Committee had previously existed but had been removed from the Board’s Bylaws. The Board discussed the Governance Committee Charter as well as engaged in a preliminary discussion regarding whether it should evaluate by the end of the Academic Year the need for a permanent Governance Committee.

Presentation by Mr. Hagins
Mr. Hagins presented to the Board a report concerning Enrollment Management. Mr. Hagins noted Joseph Miller, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing, was scheduled to provide the overview but was not able to attend due to a sickness.
Mr. Hagins gave an overview of projected Freshman and Transfer enrollment numbers. He noted that while Freshman and Transfer numbers were up, along with year-over-year retention of each graduating cohort, enrollment would show a decline due to the previous year's graduating class. The Board discussed challenges related to working through several underperforming class cohorts in terms of numbers of students that were smaller in size than previous cohorts. The Board engaged in a dialogue to relate to the impacts the graduation of larger cohorts would have on financial resources.
Mr. Hagins provided the Board an overview of the upcoming schedule for the Academic Year and certain modifications in the Board’s processes.

Motion to Enter Executive Session
Mr. Williams moved for the Board to enter into Executive Session pursuant to S.C. Code Ann. §30-4-70(a) for the purposes of discussing the employment of certain Winthrop employees and contracts related to Winthrop’s business operations. Such motion was seconded and approved by voice vote.
Mr. Williams for the Board to exit from Executive Session, which was seconded and approved by voice vote. The vote to exit Executive Session, being the only Motion or Vote taken during the session.

There being no further business before the Committee, Mr. Hamilton made a motion to adjourn. The motion was seconded and passed with no objection.

The Committee adjourned at 1:52 p.m.

Minutes were formally adopted on April 25, 2024, as a true and accurate record of the events of the Winthrop University Board of Trustees. Pursuant to Board By-Laws and practice such approved minutes are certified by the Secretary of the Board who is responsible for maintaining official copies of all Board-related business.