Meeting of the Winthrop University Board of Trustees

April 15, 2011
Gold Room, DiGiorgio Campus Center
Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC

Members present: Kathy Bigham (Chair), Frances Davenport, Janet Smalley, Jane LaRoche, Susan Smith-Rex, Dalton Floyd, Don Long, Glenn McCall, Bob Thompson, Tim Hopkins, Karl Folkens, Donna Tinsley-Holley, Anthony J. DiGiorgio (ex officio).

Members absent: Tim Sease, Scott Talley

Representatives present: Sydney Evans, Student Representative; Marsha Bollinger, Faculty Representative

Representatives absent: None.

Others present: Faculty and staff of Winthrop University, Kambrell Garvin, Kaitlyn Sapp, Jonathon McFadden of The Johnsonian and Diane Gallagher of CN2.

The Board of Trustees met on Friday, April 15, 2011 on the campus of Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC.


Call to Order

Chair Bigham called the meeting to order at 1:01 p.m. and welcomed the Board and guests to the meeting.

Approval of Board Minutes of February 18-20, 2011

Bob Thompson made a motion to approve the minutes from the Board retreat and meeting of February 18 through the 20th. The motion seconded by Glenn McCall. The minutes were approved unanimously as presented.

Report of the Executive Committee and Chair of the Board

Chair Bigham reported that the Executive Committee had met on campus on March 30, 2011. Several matters were reviewed and discussed. The materials from the meeting have been forwarded to each of members of the Board.

As per Article III, Section B, the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees shall appoint from among the voting members of the Board the members of a Committee on Nominations, subject to the consent of the Board of Trustees. Chair Bigham appointed Ms. Janet Smalley as chair of the committee, with Mr. Tim Sease and Mr. Karl Folkens as the remaining two members. The Board had no objections to the selection of these three members. As noted in the bylaws, the committee will notify the full Board of their slate of nominees for chair and vice-chair within 30 days of the next meeting.

Chair Bigham then asked that the Board consider a number of resolutions: 

a. Resolution to endorse the Winthrop Capital Campaign. Glenn McCall moved, with a second from Jane LaRoche, to endorse the upcoming public phase of a capital fundraising campaign to begin Fall 2011 in conjunction with the 125th anniversary of the founding of Winthrop. The resolution to endorse the $50 million campaign, Distinction: The Campaign for Winthrop, was unanimously passed.

b. Resolution to approve International Exchange Agreements. Don Long moved, with a second from Bob Thompson, to endorse the international exchange agreements with the State of Rhineland-Palatinate/Rhineland Pfalz in Germany, the State of Thuringen in Germany, the State of Brandenburg in Germany, the State of Queensland in Australia, and the Province of Taiwan in Republic of China to encourage educational opportunities as well as support Winthrop's Global Learning Initiative. The resolution passed unanimously.


Report of the Committee on Academic Affairs

Chair Smalley reported on the meeting held earlier in the day. The committee was briefed on the status of the Readiness Winthrop academic initiatives including the planned launch of a new department of interdisciplinary studies to be led by Marsha Bollinger; the development of Sustainability Studies and a sustainability minor along with a concentration in Sustainable Business to be offered by the College of Business Administration; the five-year master's programs, such as Master of Social Work and Master of Business Administration; music theater as a new concentration for theater majors; and continued work on the development of undergraduate degrees to be completed in three years.

Other updates from the committee meeting included review of the Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) regional wins leading to attendance at the national competition; the restructuring of the Masters of Education in literacy; the planned relocation of 8 million items to be moved from the Dacus Archives to the former Bookworm building; the growth of the summer session enrollments; a review of the West Forum schedule; and plans for the Global Learning Initiative.


Report of the Committee on Finance

Chair Folkens brought forth a Resolution to Approve Master Lease for $2,000,000 for Scientific Equipment, no second needed. The lease resulting from this resolution is to be paid in full over the next seven years with existing revenue streams therefore it will not lead to an increase in tuition or fees. The scientific equipment is for the chemistry and biology departments to help in fulfilling the INBRE II grants for biochemistry research. The resolution passed unanimously.

The second resolution brought forth was the Resolution on Auxiliary Student Fees, again, no second needed. Based on increased food costs, the committee recommended an increase in meal plans at 8.6 percent during the next school year from $1,225 to $1,330. To help offset that, residential room rates will be held to an increase of 1.9 percent for traditional and suite-style residence hall rooms. The resolution passed unanimously.

Chair Folkens reported the committee reviewed the 2010-2011 Allocation Status Report; capital project initiatives for this academic year, the Macfeat Lab School tuition for 2012; and the update on the Human Resources Banner implementation and changes including the plan to move to paperless payroll on July 1, 2011.


Report of the Committee on Student Life

Chair Floyd reported on presentations and reports made at their committee meeting. Tom Hickman presented a summary from the Division of Athletics including the status of the hiring process of the new women's lacrosse coach; the Fall 2010 GPA reports that matched an all time high with women's tennis as the highest women's team GPA at 3.70 and men's tennis as the highest men's team GPA at 3.47. The NCAA Academic Progress Rate (APR) report is satisfactory as no Winthrop teams are below the NCAA benchmark; Campbell University has been added to the Big South Conference which will necessitate adjusting of the schedule and number of conference matches.

Frank Ardaiolo briefed the committee on the active return of ROTC to campus. Previously, Winthrop students who were interested in ROTC classes had to travel to University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) to take those classes. Now, ROTC faculty travel from UNCC to Winthrop's campus to deliver the classes here. If interest in ROTC continues to grow, we may develop a full program on campus. Also reported on was the Council of Student Leaders amended Constitution and the new campus wide voting process that led to the election of Kambrell Garvin as president and Kaitlyn Sapp as vice president; the Violence Against Women Act federal grant recently received, and the introduction of Kim Keel as the new Director of the SC Campus Compact.


Report of the Committee on Institutional Advancement and Development

Chair Thompson detailed the report of Kathryn Holten pertaining to an update on recruitment and enrollment including the increased emphasis on recruiting Palmetto scholars, international students, and out of state students. The committee enjoyed a presentation from University Advancement and Admissions staff entitled "Twitter Me This: Using Social Media for Publicity and Recruitment."

Brien Lewis briefed the committee on the latest updates pertaining to Alumni Relations planned events, the latest in development gifts, and the plans for the public phase of the new capital campaign. Chair Thompson praised the development staff under the leadership of VP Brien Lewis for amassing $27 million raised in the private phase of the campaign especially as the difficult economy has caused a downturn in philanthropy across the board.


Report of the Chair of Faculty Conference

Dr. Marsha Bollinger reported on the recent meeting of the Faculty Conference by summarizing the routine curricular actions taken to create new or modify existing programs. Although the new governance structure of Faculty Conference has created a few bumps along the way, on the whole, the system is working well. The report from the ad hoc Roles and Rewards committee has created three separate documents from their original report. It was necessary to do this because the recommendations could be construed as employment conditions and therefore needed to be presented separately from the faculty governed roles.

Dr. Bollinger praised the faculty for their continued collaboration and cooperation with the recent Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) visit and the development and implementation of the Global Learning Initiative.


Report of the Chair of the Council of Student Leaders

Ms. Sydney Evans began her report by thanking the Board for permitting her to work with them over the past two years. As Ms. Evans stated, this will be her final Board meeting as student representative. Mr. Kambrell Garvin, recently elected to the position of president of the Council of Student Leaders, with 71% of the vote, will take office in time for the June Board meeting.

Ms. Evans continued her report by updating the Board on the customer service survey completed by the Council of Student Leaders as well as the revised Dedication to Excellence. The dedication provides the foundation for individual student and group behavior and is a way to affirm the values underlying the Winthrop Experience.


Report of the President 

President DiGiorgio began his report by updating the Board on the status of the Readiness Winthrop initiative. The work to date includes a cross-campus global learning emphasis, new approaches to academic programs, development of options for quicker completion of degrees and a more interdisciplinary approach across the academic departments. The president reviewed strategies for not only increasing enrollment but for retaining current students.

Realizing the planned changes will require investment and some of that investment will come from continuing efficiency improvements as well as managing vacancy savings by holding selected positions vacant until personnel needs of new programs are fully determined.

The president next briefed the Board on the current status of the budget and projected state appropriations for academic year 2011-12. At the federal level we do expect the funding for the Academic Success Center to be cut for next year. Originally funded by a FIPSE grant (Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education) Winthrop is reviewing the cost of assuming the funding as the Center has met with great success under the direction of Michelle Wolf and Gloria Jones. Pell grant funding seems to be safe at the moment and we will continue to monitor it closely as a large number of our students do receive Pell grants. At the state level, we expect to lose 6% of our appropriations and staff are working to create a budget with this reduction in mind.

In summary, the president thanked the faculty and staff for the extra efforts that they have undertaken this past year in regard the SACS reaffirmation. Karen Jones and Pat Graham were given special thanks for their leadership of the reaffirmation process.


Old Business



New Business




Hearing no objections, Chair Bigham adjourned the meeting at 2:03 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Kimberly Faust, Secretary to the Board