Outdoor Education Center

General Information

OEC Logo The Winthrop University Outdoor Education Center (OEC) has been developing teams and groups since 1982 and has served more than 40,000 people. Considered by many professionals to be a teaching tool ahead of its time, the OEC offers specialized group learning experiences in an effective non-traditional setting. Teamwork is essential! By sharing in a new and meaningful experience, participants will learn more about themselves, each other, and their group as a whole.

Each workshop is individually planned around the needs and goals of the team or group. In designing all sessions, careful attention is paid to specific group needs, so that groups will be given the opportunity to be challenged and reach their goals. Sessions are classified as being either half-day (2-4 hrs), full-day (4-8 hrs), or multi-day.

The OEC experience is one of learning and fun! Your team will be presented with challenges that will require communication, trust,  teamwork, and commitment to group goals. It's more than a group outing — it's an opportunity for self and group discovery.

What is WHOA?

The Winthrop Headquarters for Outdoor Adventure (WHOA!) is the new adventure-based equipment resource center organized and operated by the Physical Education, Sport & Human Performance (PESH) Department of Winthrop University.

The mission of WHOA is to promote the health and wellness of the campus community and to encourage a respect for and appreciation of natural environments by providing the students, faculty and staff of Winthrop University with opportunities, resources, and instruction necessary to engage the outdoors in a meaningful and responsible manner.

For minimal rental fees, you, the students, faculty and staff of Winthrop University can access a variety of outdoor adventure equipment such as kayaks, canoes, tents, framed backpacks, and other hiking and camping gear. While we do not currently have limitless amounts or vast varieties of equipment, a standing commitment to engaging the adventure-based interests of the campus community will motivate WHOA's continued growth and development.

For several years, the PESH department has worked toward the vision of providing this service to the Winthrop community, and it is our great pleasure to announce its commencement.

Please contact Geoff Morrow at 803/323-2573 or simply click on WHOA.

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