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Resolution Regarding the Operating Budget and Student Fees for Fiscal Year 2010-2011 (06/29/10)

Resolution Honoring Dr. Leland Cox for Meritorious Service to Winthrop University (06/11/10)

Resolution Regarding Performance Evaluation of President Anthony DiGiorgio (06/11/10)

Resolution Regarding Contract of President Anthony DiGiorgio (06/11/10)

Resolution to Confer Emeritus Faculty Status (06/11/10)

Resolution to Empower the Executive Committee with the Authority to Adopt the Tuition Schedule and Operating Budget for 2010-11 (06/11/10)

Resolution Regarding Room and Board Fees for Fiscal Year 2010-2011 (04/16/10)

Resolution Authorizing Winthrop University President Anthony DiGiorgio to Lead a Campus-Wide Process to Review and Refine Winthrop's Mission and Related Matters within the Context of Emerging Global, Social, Technical and Economic Transformation and the Concomitant Shifting Needs of Present and Prospective Students (04/16/10)

Resolution Endorsing the Mission Statement of Winthrop University (04/16/10)

Resolution to Honor Members of the Winthrop University Community for Distinguished and Meritorious Service Following a Major Campus Fire on March 6 and 7, 2010 (04/16/10)

Resolution to Endorse the Vision of Distinction 2009-10 (11/06/09)

Resolution to Reaffirm the Role of the Winthrop University Board of Trustees in Faculty Promotion and Tenure (11/06/09)

Resolution to Endorse the Agency Head Objectives 2009-10 (11/06/09)

Resolution to Add Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design Degree Program (11/06/09)

Resolution to Add Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design Degree Program (11/06/09)

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