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Spring 2023 Exhibition Schedule


January 17 – February 13

Lewandowski Student Gallery 

Common within the print community and among many publishers and collectors, print portfolios serve to utilize the original concepts of printmaking, which are to perform and facilitate mass information exchange. With technology swiftly moving forward, these exchanges which utilize traditional printmaking processes, have become primarily for fine art purposes, ideal for groups who share common interests, for the furthering of conceptual research, and/or fundraising campaigns. This exhibition will display various portfolios from students, faculty and professional artists. 


35th Undergraduate Juried Exhibition 

February 6 – March 3

Juror: Jon Prichard  

Rutledge Gallery 

Each spring, current Winthrop University students are eligible to submit their recent work to the Undergraduate Juried Exhibition. This exhibition is an opportunity for students to have their work selected by a prominent regional juror to exhibit in a professional gallery setting. Open to students in the Departments of Fine Arts and Design, this yearly exhibition showcases Winthrop’s brightest talent from areas such as painting, sculpture, jewelry/metals, printmaking, interior design, illustration, and photography. 



February 6 – March 3, 2023 

Elizabeth Dunlap Patrick Gallery  

*Artist Talk- Elizabeth Dunlap Patrick Gallery, February 14, 11 A.M. --Cultural Event 

A solo exhibition with works by Winthrop Art Education professor, Dr. Michelle Livek. 

"When working though physical or emotional pain, humans have developed uniquely personalized methods of safe escape. Actions or habits that are not associated with the pain, manifest as a boundary between being in the “spaces” that might re-traumatize, and the journey toward re-associating with the self — differently. Fin is an exhibition of works in a fixated style of analog (insert arrow with two directions) digital drawings and layerings that invite viewers to witness the multitude of hours, colors, patterns, habits, and momentum that it takes to find safety in fluidity."


Opening Reception for UJE 35, Fin and X-change 

Thursday, February 9, 5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m. 

Rutledge, Elizabeth Dunlap Patrick, and Lewandowski Student Galleries 

Winthrop University Galleries presents an opening reception for UJE 35 in the Rutledge Gallery, Fin in the Elizabeth Dunlap Patrick Gallery and Printmaking in the Lewandowski Student Gallery.  


Our Illustrated World 

February 21 – March 6

Lewandowski Student Gallery 

Opening Reception: February 23, 5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m.  

2023 Illustration Student Gallery Show 

"Images were our first form of communication. From the Caves of Lascaux to video games of today – we have long told our stories through the images we create. Look around you - we live in an illustrated world. This show celebrates just a few avenues of creation under the umbrella term of “illustration” which has expanded to include everything from figure drawing to pattern making, graphic novels to invented worlds. Come enjoy works by our next generation of image-driven story makers." 


Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition II  

March 27 – April 14

Elizabeth Dunlap Patrick Gallery 

The 2022-2023 Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Thesis Exhibition II will feature new work by artists completing their M.F.A. graduate program in the Department of Fine Arts. 


Silience, 2023 Bachelor of Fine Arts Senior Exhibition 

April 3 – May 5

Rutledge Gallery and Lewandowski Student Gallery 

Opening Reception: April 6, 5:30 PM - 7 PM

An exhibition of works by senior students completing their B.F.A. program in the Department of Fine Arts. 

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