About the Program

Gerontology (GRNT)

Gerontology is an area of study that focuses on the bio-psycho-social-cultural-spiritual well-being of older adults. Historically, care for this population group was predominately seen as a medical specialty called geriatrics and was characterized by focusing care on the expected trajectory toward debilitating illness, loss of vitality, and death. Today, we are seeing a dramatic shift in the norms associated with aging. Because people are living longer, matters of quantity vs. quality of life are taking on new and complex considerations. Responding to the needs and expectations of older adults requires a multidisciplinary approach involving professionals such as social workers, psychologists, nutritionists, health and fitness educators, and health care managers.

The Gerontology minor at Winthrop offers unique opportunities for students from programs across campus to gain valuable knowledge related to working with older adults. The 15 semester hours of study required for the minor are offered using a multidisciplinary teaching approach that relies on coursework in psychology, social work, biology, human nutrition, gerontology, sociology, exercise science, health, and health management, and field practicum opportunities that expose students to the incredible diversity in the experiences and needs of our aging adult population.