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The Department of Fine Arts helps our student artists explore the artist's role in our world through an atmosphere of stylistic freedom. Through one-on-one relationships with faculty members and the ability to work on real-world projects, our community of artists allows students to refine their artistic work and broaden their knowledge while training with professionals currently working in the field. 

Meet some of our students and faculty to learn more about the department and our engagement with the community:

A degree from the Department of Fine Arts can change the way you see, think, create and navigate life. Programs offered in this department help develop a student's passion for creativity and scholarship into a valuable set of skills that are becoming increasingly in demand in the 21st century workplace. Students are trained to become creative specialists, providing them with the ability to see, think, invent and problem solve in unique and creative ways.

Intensive professional training is provided to ensure the development of highly-motivated and self-disciplined graduates. Students can be assured their Winthrop degree meets the rigorous professional standards of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD), of which the university is an institutional accredited member.


Department of Fine Arts
112 McLaurin Hall

Mark Hamilton, chair