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You are a creator. You dream of building new worlds using multiple art forms and sculpting an idea to make it reality. Learn about the tools needed to succeed as an artist in courses like 2D design, 3D design, drawing, photography and art history. A B.A. degree in art provides students with experience in problem-solving, creative thinking and innovation required for many career opportunities in the arts and beyond. Students will gain a working knowledge of art and design principles, skills and applications to create an awareness of historical and contemporary perspectives.



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Creativity + Community + Collaboration = Mindset

In our ever changing global experience, Winthrop's Department of Fine Arts acknowledges the importance of developing and nurturing the engaged artist who can navigate the ideas and challenges of our time. The B.A. in Art which incorporates liberal arts, studio and art history is a unique program that can address the challenges of the new environment. 

Like all the programs in the Department of Fine Arts, the B.A. in Art is supported by the dedication, energy and resources of qualified artists, scholars and educators. Students, faculty and staff within Fine Arts comprise a community of active learners and problem solvers. The Winthrop Experience in Fine Arts is challenging, but prepares each individual to work creatively and collaboratively within his or her community.


Mission Statement

The B.A. Program in Art equips students to meet the ever-changing needs and challenges of the 21st Century by giving them a working knowledge of art and design principles, skills and applications. In addition, students develop problem-solving and creative/critical thinking skills in conjunction with visual, oral and written communication skills. Students will also possess an awareness of historical and contemporary perspectives in art and design.


The Major

The B.A. in Art is a 120 credit hour program that offers students an opportunity to minor in an area of interest, to become proficient in a variety of studio and art history offerings, and to design a program that meets their professional or graduate level aspirations.  The diversity of the General Education requirements together with the strength of the Fine Arts Foundation Program provide a quality liberal arts education and artistic experience upon which each student can lay the groundwork in a variety of fields. 



The Foundation Studies Program comprises a series of sequential courses taken by all B.F.A. in Art and B.A. in Art degree-seeking students. These courses occur during the first two consecutive semesters of a student's first year within the Fine Arts Department at Winthrop University. Concepts contained in these courses serve to educate the beginning student on broad issues concerning art and art history in order to adequately prepare them for their area of specialization.

Study Abroad in Art

Due to the prescriptive and evolving nature of the various degree programs within the Department of Fine Arts, the Department Chair and faculty have identified the fifth or sixth semester junior year (in addition to multiple summer study options) as generally the best semester to study abroad.  Through a combination of language, art history, studio, humanities, conservation and arts administrative courses at the abroad institution and Winthrop distance learning, students are able to study abroad without delaying graduation.  It is imperative however, that students work with their advisor, or the department chair, prior to selecting a study abroad institution and planned course of study abroad to insure transfer and major credit.


The Minor

Each program leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree requires the completion of a minor in addition to the major program. Students may fulfill the minor requirement with one or more minors of their own choosing. The minimum number of semester hours required for a minor is 15, at least 6 of which must be in courses numbered above 299.

Minors are recorded on the permanent record. No course may be included in two minors or in a major and a minor (excluding General Education courses) unless the student is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree. In the College of Business Administration, no course may count toward a business administration major and a business administration minor. Students must achieve a 2.0 cumulative grade-point average in all courses taken at Winthrop, as well as in courses counted toward the minor and the major programs.

Non-Bachelor of Arts degree students may complete minors either through the use of elective credits or through additional credits beyond those required for the degree program.

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The Value of the Minor in the BA in Art and BA in Art History

Since the BA in Art and the BA in Art History require a minor, this also provides an opportunity for study in a field that will help lead to alternative career options. For example, students in the BA may consider a minor in Psychology because they have an interest in pursuing a career in Art Therapy. Others will consider the Business minor as they are interested in the entrepreneurial or business side of art which has multiple possibilities. 




Minors for the B.A. in Art

The B.A. in Art requires a minor. We suggest that students consider a minor that will help fulfill their proposed career options. For example, if a student is considering a post bachelorette degree in Art Therapy, a minor in Psychology might be appropriate. If students are considering a career in Art Administration, Professional Business Minor might be an option.

This Professional Business Minor prepares a student to enter many graduate business programs (including the Winthrop MBA Program) upon undergraduate degree completion. A student will be able to complete the Winthrop MBA Program in four semesters (including summers).


*A minimum of a C- is required in each course.



MFA Program

The MFA program at Winthrop University is a full-time studio art program that develops and nurtures the artist's voice. Winthrop's Department of Fine Arts engages artists who can navigate ideas of the contemporary world. The MFA in Studio Art program demands focused research in traditional, interdisciplinary or emerging practices in visual and conceptual art.



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