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Middle Level Education

Bachelor of Science

When you think back to your time in middle school, was there a teacher or coach that believed in you and helped you get through those difficult years? Would you like to be the one that makes a difference in the life of a teenager? The Middle Level Education program trains pre-service teachers to work in teams and connect with young adolescents during this crucial developmental stage. Beginning in the freshman year, our middle level education teacher candidates participate in field experiences in public school settings. We believe in hands-on engaging instruction that models best practices of research related to the concepts and characteristics of successful middle schools.

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Curriculum and Learning Opportunities

The curriculum of the degree prepares the middle level educator to teach in one content area. Each student will select a content concentration from the following options: English/Language Arts, mathematics, science or social studies.


Why Winthrop?

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Real World Experience

Gain real experience in the classroom student teaching under the guidance of an experienced middle level teacher in the Rock Hill area.

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Nationally Accredited

We have a long history of meeting rigorous professional standards and pride ourselves in preparing highly effective educators ready to meet the diversity and demands characterized by 21st century classrooms.

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Exceptional Faculty

Learn from faculty who are committed to research and scholarly endeavors that both inform the profession and enhance public education in our society.

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Beyond Graduation

Graduates will enjoy great success as teachers and professionals in the field of Middle Level Education. These grade levels routinely experience teacher shortages, resulting in numerous career opportunities for prospective teachers. Recent mandates from the state of South Carolina have made it imperative that all those teaching in middle schools be middle level certified, which has increased the demand for appropriately prepared teachers.