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Environmental Sciences

Bachelor of Science

This program is well-suited to students who wish to focus on the scientific and technical aspects of environmental issues. Graduates are broadly-trained in a wide variety of scientific disciplines (like biology, chemistry, geology and physics) and find jobs in environmental engineering firms, and regional and state governmental agencies, or go on to polish their skills in graduate degree programs. Special aspects of our program include training in geographic information systems software and an experiential learning requirement that provides real-world experience before you graduate.

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Potential Employers

Some of the graduates of this program have gone on to work for:

  • Texas Wildlife Association
  • York County, South Carolina

Career Paths

Graduates of this program have gone on to become:

  • Conservation Education Specialist
  • Stormwater Compliance Manager / Floodplain Administrator
  • Stormwater Plan Reviewer

Top Industries

Many of the graduates of this program find themselves working in:


  1. Government Administration
  2. Nonprofit Organization Management

Curriculum and Learning Opportunities

The B.S. degree in Environmental Sciences will educate students in the scientific, social, political, ethical and policy aspects of environmental issues in preparation for scientific careers in industry, government and consulting, and for graduate programs in environmental sciences.


Why Winthrop?

Student using a microscope

Suite of Sciences

Understanding the broad suite of sciences allows students to succeed in diverse environments.

Student using computer in lab

GIS Training

Geographical Information System training is required, offering highly marketable skills.

Student studying plants in greenhouse

Real World Experiences

Required internship and research experience helps students prepare for top graduate programs and employers.

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Beyond Graduation

"This program incorporates many different facets of the scientific community, which gives students a solid background to carry forward into future specializations or careers solving environmental problems."

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