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You are a creator. You dream of building new worlds using multiple art forms and sculpting an idea to make it reality. 


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The Interdisciplinary minor is an 18-hour program.

In our ever changing global experience, Winthrop's Department of Fine Arts acknowledges the importance of developing and nurturing the engaged artist who can navigate the ideas and challenges of our time.

The interdisciplinary minor provides a solid foundation that combines video, installation, performance, and digital media with an emphasis on research-based modes of making. This interdisciplinary concentration addresses the fact that contemporary fine art practice is often located between or beyond traditional disciplines. Explorations are encouraged to be driven by concept, rather than medium.


OUR fine arts FACULTY

Winthrop fine arts faculty are practicing professionals actively working in their field. These art historians, art educators, creative practitioners and scholars help students to explore and discover the potential within themselves.

required courses:

The minor in Interdisciplinary Studio consists of 18 semester hours:

  • ARTS 101 (3) 2D Design
  • ARTS 102 (3) 3D Design
  • ARTS 281 (3) Digital Studio
  • ARTS 307 (3) Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studio
  • ARTS 407 (3) Intermediate Interdisciplinary Studio
  • 3 credits of electives from the following list:
    • ARTS 204 (3) 3D Media Studies 
    • ARTS 205 (3) Photo Media Studies
    • ARTS 206 (3) 2D Media Studies

Students are encouraged to complete ARTH 175 and ARTH 176 to complete General Education requirements.

All elective courses require 12 earned hours or they have prerequisites among courses listed in the curriculum above.


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