Global Arts and Visual Culture Minor

The minor in Global Arts and Visual Culture introduces students to art from a broad, multicultural perspective. Through a focused investigation of the visual traditions of civilizations that are often marginalized in mainstream art historical narratives, students will examine the values, attitudes, and beliefs of peoples from across the globe. Choose from a variety of elective courses, such as the Arts of Africa, Global Baroque, Art of the Islamic Worlds, Contemporary Art, Arts of Oceania, and Art in the Age of Revolution. In class, students might create a traditional ofrenda to celebrate the Día de los Muertos, don Virtual Reality (VR) headsets to see the moai statues of Easter Island, or debate the importance of protecting global cultural heritage.

Three vases in a museum


Discover Islamic palaces, mosques, book arts, sculpture, and more, from Spain to India.

Image of a statue


Survey the arts of Africa and those produced by the African diaspora in communities around the world.

Image of a statue


Explore the circulation of Baroque art, religious reform, intercultural dialogues, colonialism, and hybridization of styles.

The Global Arts and Visual Culture minor is a 15-hour program.

Choose 1 foundational course:

  • ARTH 175: Introduction to Ancient and Medieval Art (3 cr.)
  • ARTH 176: Introduction to Art History from the Renaissance to the Present (3 cr.)

Choose 4 elective courses:

  • ARTH 346: Global Baroque (3 cr.)
  • ARTH 347: Art in the Age of Revolution (3 cr.)
  • ARTH 351: Arts of Africa (3 cr.)
  • ARTH 352: Arts of the Americas (3 cr.)
  • ARTH 353: Arts of Oceania (3 cr.)
  • ARTH 358: Art and Architecture of the Islamic Worlds (3 cr.)
  • ARTH 452: Women in Art (3 cr.)
  • ARTH 454: Contemporary Art and Criticism (3 cr.)

Students studying studio art, design, performing arts, humanities, anthropology, global languages, international relations, global politics, museum studies, arts management, or international business will find that the minor in Global Arts and Visual Culture complements their major. Students who complete the minor will have a platform of knowledge applicable for careers in art museums, galleries, auction houses, tourism/hospitality, or cultural heritage institutions, or graduate study in art and visual culture, global/international affairs, history, arts administration, or museum studies.

This minor is not open to students majoring in art history.