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You are a culture contributor. Designers no longer exclusively design things. They design experiences, interactions and lifestyles. The Bachelor of Design programs prepare students to thrive in these roles — designing innovative user/consumer products, experiences and lifestyle relevant solutions. Graphic and experience designers plan, analyze, create and evaluate visual solutions for a wide range of communication challenges. Their work ranges from the development of strategies to solve large-scale problems to the design of effective communication products and experiences.



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The minor in Visual Design Studies is an 18-hour program.

Projects for Visual Design involve the design of typefaces; page layouts for magazines and books; product and packaging design; corporate identity systems; environmental signage; multi-media and presentation graphics; web-page design; and other areas involving every facet of visual communications.

Graphic Designers are responsible not only for how information is presented, but how it is perceived by the viewer. This may involve informational, promotional, and commercially-oriented means. The designer acts as a liaison between a client and the public; his or her job is to be sure a specific message is delivered effectively and efficiently, in a manner that is visually sophisticated.



Winthrop design faculty are seasoned professionals who give students practical experience that prepares them for becoming lifelong learners and engaged citizens. Bringing their own research and activities into the classroom, students see best practices at work.

required courses:

The minor in Visual Design Studies consists of 18 hours of DESF and VCOM courses, 6 hours of which must be numbered above 299. The courses required for the minor must include

  •  DESF 120 (3) Design Drawing 

  •  DESF 150 (3) Design Studio Skills

  •  VCOM 151 (3) Design Fundamentals
    Plus 9 additional hours to be chosen from:

  • DESF-any

  • VCOM 100-299

  • VCOM 354 (3) Basic Design Applications

  • VCOM 374 (3) History of Graphic Design and Illustration

  • VCOM 388 (3) Graphic Arts Production Practicum

A maximum of 9 hours of the courses described above can be used to counted as both "major" and "minor" requirements; the remaining 9 hours cannot be shared, must not be described as being part of the student's major, and must consist of VCOM coursework beyond, and unique in application to, the minor alone.

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