Illustration minor



You explore the mind’s eye. Your visual creations support, interpret and explain a variety of ideas, content and processes. Print and digital media benefit from your artistry. Our illustration program prepares you for careers as artists, authors, designers, illustrators, motionographers and storytellers.



student artwork

The Illustration minor is an 18-hour program.

The field of illustration holds a more traditional history and perspective within the program. However, more modern techniques are covered as well. The role of illustrator is based in the fine arts but responds directly to the audience and the client. Similar to graphic design, the illustrator is responsible for defining the audience and communicating through imagery, which is appropriate and understood by the audience. The program covers a variety of types of illustration including editorial, educational and technical, as well as character development and other forms of illustration.



Award-winning creatives in their own right, our faculty show students where to start and how to develop a concept from first idea to a final, finished illustration. They are professionals with years of experience working in the industry and educating aspiring illustrators. Students gain professional experience throughout their studies with the guidance of our accomplished and recognized faculty.

required courses:

The minor in Illustration consists of 18 hours. Three required classes provide students with fundamental skills in

  • DESF 120 (3) Design Drawing
  • DESF 154 (3) Design and Color
  • VCOM 220 
  • Three elective classes, chosen from
    • VCOM 121 (3) Design Drawing II: Structure and Form 
    • VCOM 323 (3) Illustration: The Costumed Figure
    • VCOM 325 (3) Illustration: Portraiture
    • VCOM 420 (3) Illustration: Creating Graphic Novels
    • VCOM 423 (3) Illustration: Children's Book Illustration
    • VCOM 425 (3) Illustration: Persuasion and Propaganda
    • VCOM 427 (3) Illustration: Narrative and Editorial 

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