Christina Melchiorre

Name: Christina Melchiorre
Title: Adjunct Faculty of Fine Arts
Education: Bachelor of Arts from Coastal Carolina University, Masters of Fine Arts from Winthrop University
E-mail: melchiorrec@winthrop.edu
Web: https://christinamelchiorre.com/
Area(s): Interdisciplinary Art, Installation, Performance

Christina Melchiorre is an Interdisciplinary Artist from Murrells Inlet, South Carolina and currently resides in Rock Hill, South Carolina. She received her B.A from Coastal Carolina University and her M.F.A from Winthrop University.

Her work explores the narrative she shares with family in relation to who she is and how she has developed as a result of both positive and negative influences. Despite the dysfunctional dynamics that she experiences with her family, she chooses to remain connected to them and continues to endure and persevere through the obstacles that they create. She particularly experiences these moments through varying degrees of confrontation and escapism along a pendulous spectrum. She is interested in how she can represent these tedious yet impactful interactions and relationships with her family by using interdisciplinary media, which she does specifically through the use of sculpture, performance, installation, video, audio, and writing.

Melchiorre’s work has been exhibited both in person and virtually, at locations such as the Sprengeri Gallery during the annual Art Party hosted by the Friday Arts Project and the Online Performance Art Festival. She has vast experience in gallery work, having worked at the Rebecca Randall Bryant Art Gallery at Coastal Carolina University and, currently, at the Arts Council of York County. She has recently started teaching courses as an Adjunct Professor at Winthrop University.