Devann Gardner

Name: Devann Gardner
Title: Adjunct Faculty of Fine Arts
Education: BA '18 Coastal Carolina University, MFA Winthrop University '22
E-mail: gardnerd@winthrop.edu
Web: www.devanndonovan.com
Area(s): Sculpture, Fiber Arts, Performance and Painting

Devann Donovan, from Murrells Inlet, SC , has cultivated a multifaceted artistic career deeply rooted in her personal narrative. Armed with an MFA from Winthrop University, she possesses a unique ability to weave the threads of her life into captivating artworks that transcend mediums and elicit profound emotions. 

Devann's practice is a playful exploration, with a constantly changing attraction to new mediums that leaves no medium untested. Her work knows no bounds, as she navigates from paintings to steel sculptures, video installations, and performances. In her continuous quest for self-discovery, Devann has recently embarked on an exploration of textile art, adding a new dimensions to her portfolio. 

Currently residing in Rock Hill with her husband and three dogs, Devann Donovan shares her knowledge and artistic insight as an educator at WU and CPCC. Additionally, she holds the position of Gallery Manager at the Arts Council of York County.