Deborah Dunlap

Name: Deborah Dunlap
Title: Associate Professor of Design
Education: DEL, Doctor in Executive Leadership, University of Charleston '19
MS, Interior Design, Universtiy of Nebraska-Lincoln '11
BFA, Interior Design, Winthrop University '99
E-mail: dunlapd@winthrop.edu
Area(s): Interior Design

Deborah Dunlap is a Fin-Tech consultant for small businesses. Focus on bringing solutions to help customers' success. Focusing on the verticals of the grocery, meat markets, meat processors, retail, and liquor stores.

Leadership/business professional, interior designer, and educator, with a unique experience combination. As a business consultant, working closely with businesses on achieving their goals by applying leadership, research, and corporate training strategies. Leadership, training, and speaking engagements to businesses and professional organizations offered.

Founder of Dunlap Interiors, Inc., delivering quality design and client service by guiding clients through each stage of the design project, catering to residential and light commercial clients. Teaching to pass along knowledge and industry experience while training the next generation.

Influenced by extensive travel in Western Europe and the United States, themes anchor on clean, simple lines with warm, sophisticated contemporary edges, and classic architectural styling. A simple design philosophy combines quality materials, innovative space planning and current color palettes creating stylish functionality. Using this formula delivers design solutions and create the space that suits clients functionally. economically, and aesthetically.

Featured work in interior design magazines such as South Park Magazine and published in interior design textbooks, all winners of the ASID Joel Polsky Award. Design interest lies in organizational leadership, well building design, evidence-based design, and, environmental psychology.

B.F.A. in Interior Design from Winthrop University; an M.S. in Interior Design from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln; and a Doctor in Executive Leadership (DEL) from the University of Charleston, West Virginia.