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You are a mover. You dream of creating motion, choreographing performances and cultivating the minds of future dancers. Learn a variety of dance styles including modern, ballet, jazz, and more, through courses like Kinesiology, Dance History, and Improvisation. The dance program at Winthrop University includes a well-rounded exploration of dance as well as rigorous study within each emphasis. Students participate in studio-based practices and explorations as well as performances and other educational offerings. Our program offers small class sizes and personalized attention that sets us apart from larger institutions. 



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Our dance program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Dance. 

The B.A. degree in dance aligns with the university's liberal arts-based vision of education that encourages breadth of knowledge.  Faculty shape class projects and mentor students in production work in a way that promotes collaboration — an essential skill for success in the performing arts and a very valuable skill in any profession.

All majors complete a core curriculum that exposes them to the broad range of dance technique and studies. This core curriculum includes courses in performance (modern, ballet, jazz technique and choreography), production (technical production and performance skills) and theory (music theory, kinesiology and dance history).

Students majoring in dance at Winthrop University will experience a program that encourages individuality and includes many different styles of dance. All dance majors have opportunities to assume artistic leadership roles during their academic careers in the department. Advanced students take on solo performance roles, stage management positions and choreograph pieces in student concerts. Very few undergraduate programs offer these many opportunities for students to perform, design, direct, choreograph, stage manage and run productions. 

Each year, the department presents one main stage dance production, two student choreography showcases, and as many as six studio dance/theatre productions and other informal performances.



Winthrop dance faculty are accomplished professionals, working with such companies as Merce Cunningham, Bodiography Contemporary Ballet in Charlotte, Charlotte Ballet, Utah Ballet and the Zurich Ballet. They are dedicated teachers who continually share their experience and talents with students. Through countless opportunities for interaction inside and outside the classroom, strong bonds and mentorships are fostered between faculty and student.

Faculty members individually mentor majors so that they will be successful in the dance program and in preparing for careers.  The dance faculty conducts a placement class at the beginning of the fall semester as an assessment of dance technique proficiency for all new dance and musical theatre majors (whether first-time or transfer students).  Faculty use this placement class to recommend enrollment in the appropriate level of technique for each student. 


Study Abroad in Dance

Due to the prescriptive and evolving nature of the various degree programs within the Department of Theatre and Dance, the Department Chair and Dance faculty have identified the following recommendations to students intending to study abroad:

The fifth or sixth semester Junior year (in addition to multiple summer study options) is generally the best semester to study abroad.  Through a combination of general education requirements, applied dance, dance practicum, and dance theory courses at the abroad institution and Winthrop distance learning, students are able to study abroad without delaying graduation.  It is imperative however, that students work with their dance advisor, or the department chair, prior to selecting a study abroad institution and planned course of study abroad to insure transfer and major credit.



You can minor in Dance!

View video footage of ballet and modern technique classes below:

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Kelly Ozust

Kelly Ozust

Director of Dance Program, Associate Professor of Dance

Office: 225 Johnson Hall
Phone: 803/323-3048

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