friends of the conservatory


We need your help!


To promote

the Department of Music in the local area and within the region

To support

our music majors with increased funding for music scholarships (presently over 50 percent of our music majors and graduate students receive music scholarships)

To establish and maintain

a Friends of the Conservatory Concert Series

To attain the musical and educational goals

we have set for the 21st century including curricular, personnel, facilities, and equipment



student work

Friends will be your connection with today's music studentstomorrow's music educators, composers and performers. The Friends of the Conservatory has been established to:
  • Communicate with the community, alumni, and friends of Winthrop through the programs of the Department of Music.
  • Enrich the diverse cultural life in York and surrounding counties of the Carolinas by establishing a Friends of the Conservatory Concert Series.
  • Encourage membership in Friends.
  • Support the Department of Music at Winthrop with gifts and bequests to the Winthrop University Foundation on behalf of the Department.

For more information, please contact:

Elisa Koehler

Elisa Koehler

Chair, Department of Music

Office: 129 Conservatory of Music
Phone: 803/323-2255