Department of Fine Arts

2023-2024 Portfolio Scholarship Competition


This competition is for Prospective Fine Art Students who plan to join Winthrop University’s Department of Fine Arts for the first time (freshman and transfer students) in the coming 2024-2025 academic year!

The portal for submissions is now open!

  • Students must declare a major within the Department of Fine Arts: Studio Art (includes the disciplines of painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, photography, expanded media, Art Education, or Art History.)

  • Scholarship amounts will vary based on the decision of the Fine Arts scholarship committee. Students selected for an award have the opportunity to renew their scholarship for up to three years after the initial award year providing they remain in good academic standing as a full-time student in the Department of Fine Arts. Out-of-state students selected for this award are eligible to receive the scholarship amount in addition to an out-of-state tuition waiver (valued at $14,330 for the 2023-24 academic year).

  • This scholarship is contingent on admission to Winthrop University.  An online application can be found at Acceptance of this award does not impact eligibility for other Winthrop academic scholarships offered by the Office of Admissions.

  • Submission of a digital portfolio for review and critique by our internationally acclaimed faculty is open to students planning to pursue degrees in Art, Studio Art or Art Education. Digital essay submissions are being accepted for students planning to pursue a degree in Art History.

Submission Guidelines

  • Studio Art and Art Education

    • Submission of a digital portfolio. The following digital portfolio guidelines must be met for consideration:

      • Format:PowerPoint or Word Document saved as a PPT or PDF.

      • Size: Individual images no larger than 150 dpi. Total submission can not be larger than 1 GB.

      • Content Per Slide

        • PowerPoint Slide or Page #1:
          Your Name, Your e-mail address, Your phone number, Your permanent mailing address.

        • PowerPoint Slide or Page #2:
          Statement about your creative goals and interests in art making.

        • PowerPoint Slides or Pages #3 - #12:
          10 images that illustrate your best work.
          On same slide or page include TITLE OF WORK, SIZE OF WORK (approximate size is ok), MEDIUM/MATERIALS, and YEAR.

        • PowerPoint Slides or Pages #13 & 14:
          Slides that illustrate pages from your journal or sketchbook.


          Title your portfolio file with your name. Example: Smith_John
          An example portfolio can be found here:
          Fine Arts Portfolio Example 

  • Art History

    • Please upload a sample of your best research paper in art history that meets the following guidelines: 

      • Cover page that includes your full name, e-mail address, home address, high school, and title of essay

      • Minimum of 1,000 words

      • Double-spaced

      • Proofread and spell-checked

      • Bibliography of all cited sources

      • PDF file with images and captions after body of essay

Competition Review Dates

Priority Deadline - November 20, 2023

Final Deadline - March 23, 2024

After the  priority deadline, digital portfolios/essays will be accepted and awards will be disseminated on a rolling basis until available funds are exhausted.

Notification of Awards

The first committee review will take place in early December after the priority deadline. Results will be disseminated shortly after. Remaining award amounts will be disseminated until available funds are exhausted. 



Questions about the Art History essay contest? Dr. Kyle Grant Sweeney 

Questions about the Fine Arts portfolio contest? Mark Hamilton 


Department of Fine Arts 2023-2024 Endowed Scholarships

The Department of Fine Arts invites current majors to apply for merit-based scholarships. Awards will be based on the quality of portfolio or written work submitted during the application process. The next call for submissions will be in early Spring, 2024 and applied to the 2024-25 academic year. Read more about Endowed Scholarships here.