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Justin Moore
Name: Justin Moore
Residence: Lake Wylie, S.C.
Major: Accounting
Major 2: Economics

Senior Justin Moore admits that getting good grades has always been rather effortless. Born in Germany to parents serving in the military, Moore moved to Columbia, S.C., and attended a private high school.

Moore applied to several South Carolina colleges and universities, but he decided to attend Winthrop because he wanted something different. “I like living in large cities, but when it came to choosing my university, I wanted something personal and different, and that’s what I’ve found at Winthrop,” said Moore, an accounting and economics double major.

He also decided to recommit himself to academics and to fully immerse himself in the Winthrop experience. Moore joined the university’s rigorous Honors Program and has loved the challenges and opportunities that come with the program. He also was selected as a McNair Scholar, a prestigious program that prepares first generation, low-income, and underrepresented undergraduates to be successful in Ph.D. programs. 

Through the McNair Scholars program, Moore has conducted research alongside Dr. Clarence Coleman on the accounting rules of faithful representation. “Being involved with the McNair Scholars program has given me back a lot of the confidence I lost following the death of my mother,” said Moore. “I know she, along with my dad, would be very proud of me.”

Moore also wants to instill confidence in other students. He currently volunteers each Friday with West Mecklenburg High School’s Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program, one that prepares students for college enrollment.  He tutors them in various subjects and gives them advice about the process of getting into college.

Moore, who plans to attend law school after graduation, describes his Winthrop experience as “the best time of my life,” and appreciates the university’s commitment to diversity, recruitment of top-notch faculty members and true sense of community.

Now, he is very proud of his good grades. “I’ve made the Dean’s List and President’s List since I’ve been at Winthrop,” said Moore. “Getting my name on those lists was my main goal.”

Last updated: 6/25/14

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