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Conversion Process

When it is time for a Web site to be converted, the following occurs:

  • The web developer meets with the web author (and supervisor if needed) to discuss needs, wants, and next steps.
  • The web author preps content for conversion. (Visit the "Author Tips" page.)
  • The web developer prepares a mock-up and shares with the customer for approval.
  • The web developer codes the template to be used throughout the new CMS site.
    • Templates always include: page ID, left side menu, and contact info.
    • Templates also may include header photo(s), quick links, and buttons.
    • Check out the CMS design elements by clicking on the screen shot below.
  • The web developer populates preliminary content for authors (in order to build the menu).
  • The web developer sets author permissions and meets with author(s) to train on the new system.
  • The web author populates remaining content in a development/test environment.
    • CMS site will not be “live” while content is being copied
    • FrontPage/Expression site will remain “live” until final step
  • Once ALL content is moved from the FrontPage/Expression server to the CMS server, the CMS website will be activated.
  • The FrontPage/Expression website is purged/archived and author permissions deactivated.

Design Elements, small
Click on the graphic above for a larger view.


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