Winthrop University: SOURCE 2021 Poster Session 3

SOURCE 2021 Poster Session 3 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Below are the students presenting posters in this session. Please click on the image of their poster to be taken to Techsmith Knowmia. There you will be able to listen to their presentation and ask questions. Please note that students will be the most responsive during the presentation session time. Additionally, if the students name is bold faced, then that is who is presenting the poster.

Cultural Event Credit Information

Quanjenae Broughton

Logan Lillibridge

SEAphases group poster

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Quanjenae Broughton 

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Logan Lillibridge 

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 Hunter Cannon, Kathryne Courtney, Carlos Escoto-Diaz, Joel Haley, Mackenzie Jenkins, Allysia Lewis, Caleb Meyerand, Dallas Nivens, Bryan Patterson, Alexis Ramirez, Jordan Rucker, Hallie Smith, Laela Walker, and Bethany Wise

  AnnaMarie Wilde Mackenzie Sprott Poster
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 Joshua Byrd

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 AnnaMarie Wilde

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 Mackenzie Sprott

 La J'ai Reed Taylor Anderson 2021-Seaphages-Group-Benson-etall
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 La J'ai Reed

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 Taylor Anderson

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Ashley Wood, et al.

McKenzie Jenkins poster Trina Hill  Eliza Diamond, Tatiana Singletary, Ta-Taya Campbell, and Ty'Keila Scarborough
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Mackenzie Jenkins

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Trina Hill

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 Eliza Diamond, Tatiana Singletary, Ta-Taya Campbell, and Ty'Keila Scarborough

Neely Pritchett Vanessa Fonce Poster Egbi Omougui Poster
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 Neely Pritchett

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Vanessa Fonce 

(Full Size Image - 233 KB)

 Egbe Omougui, et al.

  Victoria Sulak Hannah Smith 
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 Harrison Kendree

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Victoria Sulak 

(Full Size Image - 634 KB)

Hannah Smith 

Kaitlin Milam Poster Eden Crain Poster Shamar Crews
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Kaitlin Milam 

(Full Size Image - 6.2 MB)

Eden Crain 

(Full Size Image - 222 KB)

 Shamar Crews

Ana Rodriguez Poster Ahmad Jones Taylor Evans Poster
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 Ana Rodriguez

(Full Size Image - 1.0 MB)

Ahmad Jones

(Full Size Image - 77.7 KB)

Taylor Evans

Stephanie Bennett Poster    
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Stephanie Bennett




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