Winthrop University: SOURCE 2021 Poster Session 2

SOURCE 2021 Poster Session 2 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Below are the students presenting posters in this session. Please click on the image of their poster to be taken to Techsmith Knowmia. There you will be able to listen to their presentation and ask questions. Please note that students will be the most responsive during the presentation session time. Additionally, if the students name is bold faced, then that is who is presenting the poster.

Cultural Event Credit Information

Nghi Tran Ashley Allen and Mikalya Burke


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Nghi Tran

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Ashley Allen and Mikalya Burke

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Madison Merrill, Leah Beckwith, Kathryn Cote, and
Tyasia Nelson-Pringle

Benjamin Ibe Bianca Tedesco Mary Cobb Poster
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Benjamin Ibe

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Bianca Tedesco

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Mary Cobb

Katherine Harper Sarah Rowe Poster LeDeja Bell
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Katherine Harper

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Sarah Rowe 

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LaDeja Bell

Kenisha Robinson Rebecca Knockemus and Maya Kennedy Laela Walker and Dallas Nivens poster
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Kenisha Robinson

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Rebecca Knockemus and Maya Kennedy 

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Dallas Nivens and Laela Walker


ChaKiedrick (Dreek) Morgan Tia Pridgen Savannah Scott
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ChaKiedrick (Dreek) Morgan 

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Tia Pridgen 

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Savannah Scott 

Alexandra Perez Charles Seinsheimer Matt Levenson Poster
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Alexandra Perez

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Charles Seinsheimer 

(Full Size Image - 3.8 MB)

Matt Levenson 

Jonathan Olson Poster Matthew Latine Rodney Oldham
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Jonathan Olson

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 Matthew Latine 

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Rodney Oldham 

Thomas Fletcher and John Revels   Jeanae Williams
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Thomas Fletcher and John Revels

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Ashley Underwood 

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Jeanae Williams 

Allen Livingston    
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Allen Livingston 




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