Winthrop University: SOURCE 2021 Poster Session 1

SOURCE 2021 Poster Session 1 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Below are the students presenting posters in this session. Please click on the image of their poster to be taken to Techsmith Knowmia. There you will be able to listen to their presentation and ask questions. Please note that students will be the most responsive during the presentation session time. Additionally, if the students name is bold faced, then that is who is presenting the poster.

Cultural Event Credit Information

Seth Jackson Victoria King Poster

Ana Rodriguez Poster

(Full Size Image - 556 KB)

Seth Jackson

 (Full Size Image - 376 KB)

Victoria King

(Full Size Image - 166 KB)

Ana Rodriguez, et al.

Megan Herbst chase curtis poster Thomas Sullivan
(Full Size Image - 214 KB)

Megan Herbst 

(Full Size Image - 431 KB)

Chase Curtis

(Full Size Image - 504 KB)

 Thomas Sullivan

Alyse Butler Madeline Linker Kiera Alexander
(Full Size Image - 287 KB)

Alyse Butler

(Full Size Image - 513 KB)

 Madeline Linker

(Full Size Image - 1.3 MB)

Kiera Alexander 

Whitney Carter Jordyn Benson Keora Rogers
(Full Size Image - 449 KB)

Whitney Carter 

(Full Size Image - 2.9 MB)

Jordyn Benson, et al.

(Full Size Image - 842 KB)

Keora Rogers

Ashley Allen  Aaron Gigliotti Sophie Pringle
(Full Size Image - 3.9 MB)

Ashley Allen 

(Full Size Image - 110 KB)

Aaron Gigliotti, et al.

(Full Size Image - 164 KB)

Sophie Pringle, et al.

Jasmine Smith Jesse Defalco Tatiana Singletary
(Full Size Image - 109 KB)

 Jasmine Smith

(Full Size Image - 2.8 MB)

Jesse Defalco 

(Full Size Image - 391 KB)

 Tatiana Singletary 

Kirsten Dugan Lucy Herpst   Erin Creed
(Full Size Image - 175 KB)

Kirsten Dugan and Melanie Needham

(Full Size Image - 156 KB)
Lucy Herpst
(Full Size Image - 394 KB)

  Erin Creed

kristen watson poster katrina gainey poster Wilesha Moore
(Full Size Image - 144 KB)

Kristen Watson

(Full Size Image - 1.2 MB)

Katrina Gainey

(Full Size Image - 746 KB)

Wilesha Moore

Marissa Atkins    
(Full Size Image - 992 KB)

Marissa Atkins



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