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Undergraduate Research

Abstract Submission Form

Abstracts must be sponsored by a faculty mentor who can attest to the validity of the undergraduate student's work. If the scholarship or creative activity was done with an off-campus mentor, the chair of the student's Winthrop department can sponsor the abstract.

Contact Information
Name of submitting student:  
Complete mailing address:  
Name of Winthrop's faculty sponsor:   
Email address of faculty sponsor:   

Abstract Information
Student's name, home town, and year of graduation (If more than one student is presenting or performing, list each student on a separate line in the text box below):
Title of abstract:
Name(s) of mentor(s):

Please read the following sections carefully and provide only the information that pertains to your abstract. If a field is not applicable to you, please leave it blank.
If this work is part of your Honors thesis, please list your Honors Thesis Committee members:
If the work originated from a course assignment, provide the course title, number, and instructor's name (e.g., Investigative Biology, BIOL 300, Dwight Dimaculangan).
If this work was presented or performed at a conference or other professional venue, list the names of all authors included on the conference presentation/performance, the name and date of the conference, and its location:
If this work has been published, list the names of all authors included on the publication and the citation information for the publication.
If this work was supported by a grant or scholarship, please provide information on the sponsor (name of scholarship or grant, sponsoring institution, when awarded, etc.):
If this work has been recognized with an award, please provide information on this honor (name of award, when awarded, awarding organization, etc.):
Copy and paste your abstract text below. (Recall that abstracts are limited to 250 words.) Please note that this form cannot accept special characters (such as Greek letters) or formatted text (bold, italics, subscript/superscript):

Participation in SOURCE

Would you like to present or perform this work at Winthrop’s Showcase of Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors (SOURCE) on Friday afternoon, April 24, 2015?


If you answered No, you’re finished. Please scroll to the bottom and click Submit to transmit your abstract to the Undergraduate Research Office.
If you answered Yes, keep reading. . . .

SOURCE Presentation and Performance Information: [See also the SOURCE webpage for more information: ]

Please remember that your presentation or performance should be geared to a broad audience, including students and faculty from all majors, departments, and colleges.

Oral presentations: Each presentation will be assigned a 15-minute time slot. Presenters should plan to speak for no more than 10-12 minutes, allowing 3-5 minutes for questions. All presentation venues will be equipped with smart technology, including PC and PowerPoint projector.

Poster presentations: Each presenter will have a vertically mounted display panel measuring 36 inches high by 48 inches wide. Posters must fit within these dimensions and should be professional and easy to read from 5 feet away. Posters may be printed on single, large sheets of paper using a poster printer (such as the one in Printing Services); they may also be created using multiple smaller sheets.

Performances: Each performance will be assigned a 15-minute time slot, consisting of no more than 12 minutes performance time and at least 3 minutes for audience questions.

What type of presentation would you like to give?


If you selected Performance, please provide a brief description of the type of performance you have in mind (Lecture recital, Dance/choreography, Theatre scene(s), Film, etc.). What will you do with your 12 minutes of performance time?

What special needs will you have for your presentation or performance, if any? (Please see the presentation descriptions above for the standard equipment that will be available to you.) Every effort will be made to accommodate your needs. If they cannot be met, you will be notified via e-mail.


When you click Submit below, your information will be transmitted to the Undergraduate Research Office. You should see a confirmation page immediately. E-mail notifications of abstract acceptance and presentation/performance scheduling will follow in the coming weeks.


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