Campus Jargon

What they really mean, when they say

ACAD: Principles of the Learning Academya 1-credit course required of all freshmen (ACAD 101) or a 1-credit optional course for new transfers (ACAD 300)
ASC: Academic Success Community or Academic Success Center
Big Stuff: Winthrop's Mascot
CAS: College of Arts and Sciences
CBA: College of Business Administration
CESHS: College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences
CRTW: Critical Reading Thinking and Writing (pdf - 288 KB)a 3-credit course required for all students
CSL: Council of Student Leaders
CVPA: College of Visual and Performing Arts
DiGs: DiGiorgio Campus Center
GLI: Global Learning Initiative
HMXP: Human Experiencea 3-credit course required for all students
IC: International Center
IT: Information Technology
TOLM: Transfer Orientation Leader & Mentor
RA: Resident Assistant
RLC: Residential Learning Coordinator
UC: University College
WPO: Winthrop Post Office Box (mailbox)