Resolution Regarding the Operating Budget and Student Fees for Fiscal Year 2020-21
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Resolution Regarding the Operating Budget and Student Fees for Fiscal Year 2020-21

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WHEREAS, the respective Boards of Trustees at state institutions of higher learning are empowered to determine schedules of student fees; and


WHEREAS, the members of the Board of Trustees at Winthrop University have examined the fee structure at Winthrop University; and


WHEREAS, the members the Board of Trustees have examined the projected resources and projected commitments for 2020-21; and


WHEREAS, the members of the Board recognize their fiduciary responsibility to ensure that the University's budget strikes a balance between actual resources and commitments; and


THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the proposed fee schedules for 2020-21, incorporating no increase in tuition and variable increases in room and board rates reflecting plans for remote learning at the close of the fall semester as attached hereto and incorporated by reference and the operating budget as reflected on the fee schedules be adopted by the Board of Trustees; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that upon recommendation of the Committee on Finance, the Board of Trustees may amend the approved Winthrop University fee schedules and operating budget in a timely manner in the event of any material changes to revenues or commitments and/or legislative or gubernatorial changes in the Appropriations Act leading to changes in the allocation of state operating funds as they relate to Winthrop University for the fiscal year beginning July 1.


APPROVED, this 19th day of June, 2020.

Last Updated: 6/22/20