Winthrop University: Board of Trustees - 1999_06_11

Meeting of the Winthrop University
Board of Trustees

Friday, June 11, 1999  
Dunlap-Roddey Room, Johnson Hall  


  1. Call to Order

  2. Executive Session

  3. Approval of Board Minutes of April 16, 1999

  4. Report of the Executive Committee
    A.   Report on the Executive Session of June 10, 1999
    B.  Resolution to Recommend to the Board of Trustees the Adoption of the 1999 Edition of the Faculty Manual

  5. Report of the Academic Affairs Committee
    A.  Resolution to Confer Emeritus Status

  6. Report of the Finance Committee
    A.  Resolution Regarding the Tuition and Fee Schedule for 1999-2000
    B.  Resolution Authorizing Designated Members or Officers to Secure a Safe Deposit Box

  7. Report of the University Relations Committee
    A.  Resolution to Commend the Winthrop University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics on the Most Successful Season in its History

  8. Report of the Committee on Nominations
    A.    Election of Board Officers

  9. Reports from the Representatives to the Board
    A.   Report from the Chair of Faculty Conference
    B.   Report from the President of the Student Government Association

  10. Report from the President

  11. New Business

  12. Adjournment

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