Winthrop University: Board of Trustees - 2012_11_02 2012-13 VoD adoption
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WHEREAS, Winthrop has consistently followed a planning process set forth in the Winthrop University Vision of Distinction that sets forth its long-term goals, consistent with the mission of the University to provide personalized and challenging undergraduate, graduate, and continuing professional education programs of national caliber within a context dedicated to public service to the nation and to the State of South Carolina, by directing the allocation of resources into annual initiatives; and

WHEREAS, it is appropriate and necessary to revisit and review the vision annually to ensure that it  remains accurate and that it reflects the way the Winthrop campus community carries out its responsibilities and intentions in an age of shifting expectations, declining public-sector resources and related challenges to organizational and societal capacities; and

WHEREAS, the Vision of Distinction has been updated to ensure that Winthrop students acquire and develop knowledge, skills, capabilities, and values that enrich their lives and prepare them to meet the needs and challenges of the contemporary world, including the ability to communicate effectively, appreciate diversity, work collaboratively, synthesize knowledge, solve complex problems and adapt to change.; and

WHEREAS, the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees has reviewed the proposed Vision's goals and finds them to be both appropriate and consistent with the goals and values defined in the Strategic Plan;

THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF WINTHROP UNIVERSITY that the Winthrop University Vision of Distinction 2011-12 be adopted as the official planning document for Winthrop University.

APPROVED, this the 2nd day of November, 2012.

Last Updated: 5/17/22