Winthrop University: Think College Program - Peer Mentors

Think College Program

Peer Mentors

A Peer Mentor is an enrolled Winthrop student who consistently provides academic and social support to a Think College student. It is a paid position.


Students and peer mentors hanging out.

 Basic Responsibilities 

Act as a liaison between the Think College student and professor or employer                                                                
Allow for as many opportunities as possible for self-determination
Foster social relationships for the Think College student within a variety of settings
Provide individual social and academic prompts to advance Think College student autonomy
Provide scheduled academic and organizational support in the classroom or employment setting as needed

 Peer Mentors Withers

Victoria, Mary and Kenna studying.

 Basic Requirements

Assist Think College students in course work and outside assignments
Commit to the duration of a semester or class
Complete and submit paperwork in a timely manner
Assist Think College students with personal and academic goals
Attend as many optional meetings as possible, especially when Think College students are involved
Attend mandatory meetings

If you are interested in working for Winthrop Think College, contact Chauncey Metzelaars at

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Last Updated: 8/1/19