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Think College Program

Peer Mentors

A Peer Mentor is an enrolled Winthrop student who consistently provides academic and social support to a Think College student. It is a paid position.


Students and peer mentors hanging out.

 Basic Responsibilities 

• Act as a liaison between the Think College student and professor or employer                                                                
• Allow for as many opportunities as possible for self-determination
• Foster social relationships for the Think College student within a variety of settings
• Provide individual social and academic prompts to advance Think College student autonomy
• Provide scheduled academic and organizational support in the classroom or employment setting as needed

 Peer Mentors Withers

Victoria, Mary and Kenna studying.

 Basic Requirements

• Assist Think College students in course work and outside assignments
• Commit to the duration of a semester or class
• Complete and submit paperwork in a timely manner
• Assist Think College students with personal and academic goals
• Attend as many optional meetings as possible, especially when Think College students are involved
• Attend mandatory meetings

If you are interested in working for Winthrop Think College, contact Chauncey Metzelaars at


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