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Class List Server

A List Server List is a dynamic, automated distribution list.  It receives a message and then resends the message to all subscribers.  Individuals can add and remove themselves from the List Server List at will.  List Server Lists are appropriate for discussion forums.

Shortly after the beginning of each fall and spring semester, lists will be created for each course and section being taught during the semester (lists are NOT automatically created during the summer).  This list will have the Winthrop email address of the instructor of record and each registered student.  Students or instructors who do not have a Winthrop email address at the time the list was created will not be automatically subscribed to the list.  Students who add classes after the initial listing is generated will not be automatically included in the list.   However, any student or instructor not automatically subscribed can still manually subscribe to the list by following the instructions below. 

Students or instructors that use an off-campus email address can still use the list by setting their Winthrop email address to autoforward messages to their off-campus address, or by manually subscribing to the list from their off-campus address.

Students who withdraw from courses will not be automatically removed from the list, since that would also remove manual subscriptions.  Withdrawn students will need to unsubscribe (using the instructions below) if they do not want to continue receiving email from the list for the rest of the semester.

NEW INFORMATION: Starting in Spring 2007, email replies to class listservs will behave differently than previous semesters. If a user replies to a class listserv message, it will only be sent to the original sender rather than the entire class list. To reply to all subscribers of the list, please make sure the class listserv address is in the "To:" field before sending.

Only subscribers may email messages to the class listserv. If you prefer to send messages from a non-Winthrop account or any other account that is not subscribed, please make sure you subscribe to the list from that address to prevent your messages from being rejected.

New class lists will be distributed to faculty on the first Monday or Tuesday of each Fall and Spring semester.  After the end of each semester, all class lists will be removed in preparation for the next semester. Lists are not generated for Summer terms.

Students who are correctly subscribed that report they are not receiving messages from the list should check their autoforward settings. If the Winthrop email is being autoforwarded to another account or to an incorrect address, the student may not receive email. Students who have exceeded their email quota may not receive messages and should clean up their mailbox. Users having problems sending to the class lists should verify that their messages are composed in "plain text".  

When manually subscribing or unsubscribing using the instructions below, make sure to remove any extraneous information from the body of the email. For example, remove any signatures and don't use special formatting such as bold.

To send a message to a class list, send a mail message to the appropriate list address.  Class list addresses are of the form



Valid Commands are:

  • To subscribe to a list, send a mail message to with the following in the body of the message:
    subscribe <coursedesignator> <your_full_name>
    example:    subscribe   BIOL205H001   John Smith
    After subscribing, you will receive a message stating "You have been subscribed to".  You may also receive a second message stating an error such as "already subscribed to this list" or "list does not exist".  You can ignore this error as long as you do receive the message stating "You have been subscribed".   
  • To unsubscribe from a list, send a mail message to with the following in the body of the message:
    unsubscribe <coursedesignator>
    example:    unsubscribe BIOL205H001  
  • To receive a list of the lists supported, send a mail message to with the following in the body of the message:
  • To receive help, send a mail message to with the following in the body of the message:
    help <coursedesignator>
    example:    help BIOL205H001

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